Imrím Sports is a Gaelic Sports equipment/apparel manufacturer and online retailer based in the United States. Imrím Sports was founded with the purpose of introducing game-changing design and technology to Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie. Imrím’s flagship product is the revolutionary X-Hurl, a carbon fiber hurl to be introduced in 2022.

Company Vision

Empower athletes to excel at their sport and proudly represent their sporting lifestyle.

The sport of Hurling is considered to be the oldest field game in the world. Over its 2,000 plus year existence, players have used hand-made ash hurls that have evolved very little given how long the game has been played. Over the past decade, a few manufactures have introduced composite hurls of various shapes and construction materials, making inroads into both the youth and new-player markets due to their durability and consistency. What has been missing is a game-changing hurl that top level players embrace, thereby revolutionizing the sport, much like what was witnessed in sports such as Hockey, Tennis, Golf and Lacrosse.


Imrím Sports was founded by Michael Schaefer in 2019. Based in Colorado, Michael is co-founder of the Regulators Hurling Club, and the Rumble In The Rockies Gaelic Sport Tournament. He also serves as Chairman of the USGAA, Southwest Division.

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Donn Whelan from Belfast Ireland serves as senior advisor relating to product performance and design.

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