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The sport of Hurling is considered to be the oldest field game in the world. Over its 2,000 plus year existence, players have used hand-made ash hurls that have evolved very little given how long the game has been played. Over the past decade, a few manufactures have introduced composite hurls of various shapes and construction materials, making inroads into both the youth and new-player markets due to their durability and consistency. What has been missing is a game-changing hurl that top level players embrace, thereby revolutionizing the sport, much like what was witnessed in sports such as Hockey, Tennis, Golf and Lacrosse.

With the goal to create a hurl used by players in an All-Ireland Final in Croke Park, X-Hurl was designed by an experienced team of engineers who have worked for some of the top companies in the world in both sports’ equipment and aerospace. Their collaboration has resulted in a unique carbon fiber hurling stick with a proprietary core that produces unmatched power, touch, consistency, and durability.

Big Bas shape contains a massive sweet spot that combined with a stiff shaft generates explosive power.

Proprietary core dampens vibration and a consistent well-balanced shape, provides touch and predictable control.

Carbon fiber construction with reinforced seams equates to strength and durability under any condition.

100% recyclable synthetic material.

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